Afrikaburn 2013

AfrikaBurn 2013

The sun was slowly setting over the vast Karoo horizon, turning the sky from apricot-orange to fuschia-purple as I danced with thousands of costumed people to music streaming from a purple bus and a mobile pirate ship. A massive gyrating skeleton towered over us while our feet kicked up clouds of dust from the cracked […]

Afrikaburn Tankwa Karoo South Africa

AfrikaBurn 101: a survival guide

Last year I went to my first AfrikaBurn, South Africa’s version of the Burning Man festival, for the first time and I had my mind blown. It was a fantastically surreal experience: an town of art and performance that sprung up in days in the middle of the desert in the Tankwa Karoo, where it seemed […]

Deadvlei, Namib Desert, Namibia

Dreaming of Namibia

Namibia is one of my favourite countries. I haven’t been for two years now and I’m starting to feel an intense longing for its open spaces,  giant night skies, seas of red sand dunes, apple pie bakery in the middle of nowhere, desert horses, incongruous German towns of Bavarian architecture, weissbier and sauerkraut, and the […]

Papkuilsfontein, a sheep guest farm accommodation in the Northern Cape

Papkuilsfontein: the perfect guest farm

Sometimes I bemoan being a travel journalist because it means I have to share the special spots I encounter on my travels, which means that they get booked up and if I go again I have to reserve months in advance. But then again, I get to find these amazing places in the first place. […]

NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

10 things travel has taught me

After working at Getaway for three and a half years, I’ve decided to leave my dream job and embark on a freelance travel writing career (and start a mobile yoga studio). My assignments for Getaway have taken me on some incredible adventures, from hiking into an active volcano on Reunion island, tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, overlanding from […]