Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

What I love about Costa Rica

On my second visit to Costa Rica, I grew to love this tiny country even more than I did before. I experienced what it’s like to live in a beach community, learned to surf, practised yoga surrounded by jungle, drove around winding roads in a 4×4, hiked through a forest at night to find sleeping […]

Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Finding surf and yoga zen in Nosara

Nosara is one of those places that you arrive in and on your first day you think “I could live here”. It’s the kind of place that makes people change their flights, cancel other travel plans, or, in many cases – decide to relocate. On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara is a […]

Afrikaburn 2013

A guide to surviving AfrikaBurn

In just over two months’ time thousands of people will be gathering in the middle of nowhere (otherwise known as the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape) for South Africa’s most unique, exhilarating and exciting festival, AfrikaBurn. It offers a chance to step sideways into a surreal parallel desert world of music, art, generosity and […]

Sarah Duff Machu Picchu

Four months of South America in photos

The second part of this year-long around-the-world trip (after a three-month stint in the USA), was South America, a continent I had never visited. It had always seemed so far from South Africa, so I felt like a normal-length two-week trip would never cut it. I saved up South America for a time when I […]


Learning to surf in Costa Rica #MakeItHappen

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m a bit of scaredy cat. I’m afraid of flying (turbulence has me gripping the handrests with white knuckles), horse riding, being on boats, and generally going fast on anything I don’t have total control over. I’ve tried to surf in the cold shark-infested water of Cape Town, and never […]

Providencia Island, Colombia

Providencia Island: Colombia’s secret Caribbean paradise

“Welcome to Providencia, where everything come in slow motion”, said our taxi driver, Jerry, as he coasted down the gently winding road along the coast of Colombia’s tiny Caribbean island. Jerry hooted and waved at just about every scooter and car that passed us: “I don’t know everyone on the island, but I will do […]